Sell home now, move later

Get cash for your house now, move when you're ready


Move homes on Your Timeline

Get cash from your home sale today, stay in your home months after closing, and move on your schedule


Sell & stay in your house

Take time finding your new place. Get cash from your home sale now and stay up to 180 days after closing.


Avoid home moving mayhem

Skip the chaos of closing and moving houses the same day. Stay for free up to 7 days after selling.


Get a home cash advance

Sell your house later, get the cash you need now with the advantage of a cash advance up to $12,500.


Become a cash house buyer

Sell and shop with the confidence and advantage of making cash offers on your new house.

Why customers love to sell now and move Houses later

Amanda & Craig G.

"Good Vibes Homebuyers mean what they say - the process was exactly as advertised. We were given the power to choose when we moved, and we got all our money at closing. They even paid for our move! Wow, the GVH team was completely fantastic every step of the way."

Amanda & Craig G.
San Antonio, TX
Matt A.

"My wife Teresa and I love Good Vibes Homebuyers! Not having to rush to move gave us time to buy our dream home at an unbelievable price! All because we had the power and certainty of making a cash offer. We couldn't have done it without the simplicity and flexibility of selling today and moving later."

Matt A.
Killeen, TX


What are the benefits of selling and moving homes later?


Some homeowners need to sell their current home to qualify for a new home loan while others may put off selling over fear of not being able to find a new house. With GVH, you’re in control and eliminate the stress of getting stuck paying 2 mortgages. Get more info on how our sell and stay perk can help you achieve your goals!

How is this different from the traditional way of selling, like with a realtor?


#1 - Homeowners don’t pay any fees which exceed 10% of the sale price in a traditional sale. #2 - The offer you accept is guaranteed to close so you don’t have to worry about your plans being ruined, like you would with a traditional buyer backing out at the last minute. #3 - Banks require that buyers be given possession of the home when its sold, with GVH, there are no banks so you can move on your timeline.

What’s the catch with moving houses after I sell?


There is no catch, you can move when you’re ready! Just let us know you want to stay in your home after closing and we’ll lease it back to you at a reasonable rate for up to 6 months.

Sell and Simplify My Move

Buy and sell a home in one simple move