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Receive up to $12,500 before selling your home!

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How our Home Seller
Cash Advance Works

Sell your house later, get a cash advance on its sale proceeds up to $12,500 or 3% of the sale price now!


Sign Home Sale Agreement

After signing, within 1 business day your personal closing assistant will send the house sale's agreement to the title company.


Review title report

The title company prepares a preliminary title report and confirms if the sale is 'clear to close' and if there are sufficient proceeds to cover the cash advance on your home.


Sign Closing Statement

If clear to close and there are sufficient proceeds to cover your home’s cash advance, you will sign the settlement statement with a future dated closing date.


Congrats! Get Cash Before Selling!

You will now receive your home’s cash advance! Good Vibes Homebuyers will write you a check or wire funds directly to you.


Home Sellers Cash Advance Program

Eligible sellers can receive a cash advance on the sale proceeds of their house up to $12,500 or 3% of the sale price! The cash advanced on your home is simply credited back to GVH at closing and there are no fees, points, or interest charges. Here are just a few reasons how our industry leading house sellers cash advance program can help:

Cash Advance


Who is eligible for a home sale cash advance?


Everyone! Provided you have sufficient proceeds from your property sale.

How do I determine if I have sufficient proceeds to get a cash advance on my house?


The title company will determine this by deducting from the home sale price any outstanding liens that will have to be repaid in full.

How do I apply for a cash advance when selling my home?


Let your personal closing assistant know as soon as possible. They will discuss what you can expect and will work to expedite the process as fast as they can for you.

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