How to sell a home to local investors

Learn the 3-step process to sell your house to investors in your area

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How it Works

How to sell to a house investor. Step 1

Submit our online form or call us to discover how much an investor will pay for your house. Offers from our local investors are free, there’s no obligation or hassles, and homeowners get a free comparable sales report. Our real estate investors located in central Texas will then call or text you within 30 minutes to discuss your home and how we can help.

Selling to local house investors. Step 2

Giving a tour of your house really helps but is optional in the process of selling your home to a local investor. When submitting our online form, sellers can schedule a virtual or in person tour or upload pictures directly to our website. Showing us your house lets our local home investors in your area provide the highest possible offers that are guaranteed to not change.


How to sell your home to an investor. Step 3

Sellers receive free, no obligation offers from local house investors within 2 hours of your call. And with Good Vibes Homebuyers, homeowners have the power to choose! Eligible sellers receive multiple options to pick from and your offers can even be higher than market value!

The best part of selling my home to investors

The benefits of a sale to house investors near you means homeowners pay zero closing costs and commissions, make zero home repairs, and avoid the trouble and stress of selling through a realtor. Our sell my house to a local investor process even provides a free local move, a cash advance, and you can close and stay in your home up to 180 days.

What to Expect

What to expect when selling my home to a local investor

The steps to sell your home to local investors is a breeze with Good Vibes Homebuyers. Homeowners get to pick the closing date and skip surveys, showings, bank approvals, appraisals, and home inspections.

Sellers don’t need to worry about how to sell a house to real estate investors because our homebuyers in your area do everything to get you to the closing table so that you don’t waste your time or money. We will purchase your house as-is, can close in 5-days, there are no hidden fees, and once you accept an offer, we guarantee it will not change. It’s time for you to thrive with Good Vibes Homebuyers!

The feel-good way to sell
my home to local investors

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