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How it Works

Good Vibes means easy sales for you

The easiest way to sell your home is direct to Good Vibes Homebuyers. To determine your instant equity, submit our online form, or call us direct to get your free, no obligation offers.

Showing us your house really helps

This is optional. However, taking us on a 15-minutes virtual tour, meeting us in-person, or uploading pictures really help us understand what makes your home special and allows you to get your best possible offers.


You get options fast

Within 2 hours, our real estate experts will evaluate your home with our transparent homebuyer process and present you with 4 solid offers.

Thrive with Good Vibes

Good Vibes puts the benefits of our homebuyer process to work for you. Closing and moving on your schedule is a breeze with flexible closing dates in as little as 5 days. Move-Later Solutions that let you stay in your home up to 180 days, no showings or banks & a free local move!

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With our homebuyer process you avoid showings, double mortgages, and double moves.