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1. How much can you pay for my house?


We can often pay over market value with our sell for more, sell a mortgage, and sell my mortgage max solutions. When we buy homes all cash, we typically cannot pay market value.

2. How much will it cost me to sell?


Our we buy homes company pays all closing costs, there are $0 commissions and service fees, and you don't need to come up with cash-out-of-pocket for repairs. Simply stated, our process allows you to sell for free, conveniently, and without having to sacrifice price.

3. How do you calculate offers?


To calculate offers we first determine a home's market value which is influenced by comparable sales in your neighborhood, the current state of the housing market, the location of your house, its size, age, and features. We then use a simple formula to determine offers.

4. Are your offers negotiable?


Of course, and you can learn our negotiation secrets in articles like 4 negotiation tips investors don't want you to know and the guide to negotiating with real estate investors.

5. How does selling to you compare to selling to iBuyers and realtors?


#1 - You pay $0 fees and realtor commissions. #2 - Your offer is guaranteed to close so you don't have to worry about a buyer backing out at the last minute. #3 - Banks require that buyers be given possession of a home when its sold, with us, there are no banks so you can move on your timeline. Compare us to other ways of selling and estimate your net profit.

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6. Will you inspect my home?


Yes, and once we do your offers are guaranteed. We conduct free virtual or in-person visits which can be scheduled after submitting our get offers form. If other we buy homes businesses say that they don't need to inspect your house, it likely indicates a scam.

7. Who will inspect my house?


1 of our local managers or 1 of our licensed contractors will conduct your home inspection.

8. What areas of my house will you inspect?


We'll request to see the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, family room, air conditioning unit, water heater, and backyard. Dishes in the sink? Toys on the floor? Don't worry! We understand the value of a home even if it isn't picture perfect.

Reviewing offers

9. How can I tell if your offers are good offers?


The best offer is often not the highest offer. You must hedge against known risks like these and avoid making any of these 6 seller mistakes.

10. Am I obligated to sign an offer?


Absolutely not. If our offers don't meet your goals, we'll go our separate ways and we'll never hassle or pressure you.

11. How do I accept an offer?


You can sign our simple, 1-page agreement in-person or we will send it to you electronically through DocuSign.


12. How long does it take to close?


With a clean title, we will close and you will get paid in as fast as 5 days. With our sell a mortgage solution, we can close in just 1-day.

13. How is closing handled?


We do everything required to get you to closing so that your most time intensive task is counting your cash. Signing closing papers can be done at the title company or we will pay a mobile notary to come directly to you.

14. How will I get paid?


The title company or attorney overseeing the sale will wire funds directly to your bank account after all closing papers are signed.

15. What company do you use for title and closing services?


We use Independence Title in Buda for closings between Austin and San Antonio and Texas Title for closings within the Bell County area. For sell my mortgage closings, we use attorney Victor Maas.

16. Can I change the closing date? Can I cancel my sales agreement?


Yes, we can change the closing date at any time to meet your needs and we believe in Good Vibes Only so if you need to terminate the sale, you can penalty free.

17. Can I stay in my home after closing?


Yes! We offer a leaseback perk where you can sell, get paid, and stay in your home for up to 6 months after closing. This is a huge benefit if you need to sell your home to qualify for a new home loan or to avoid getting stuck with paying 2 mortgages.


18. Do you offer free moving services?


Yes! All sellers are eligible for a free local move.

19. Are there limits on my free local move?


Moving expenses are covered up to $1,100. If exceeded, we can still pay for the full cost and the amount exceeding $1,100 will be deducted at closing. Your new place must also be within 60 miles, if further, we can still provide you with an $1,100 moving cost credit. Our free local move perk typically covers homes up to 1,800 square feet and/or homes with 4-bedrooms and 2-baths.

20. What do I need to leave in my home? What do I need to take with me?


You can leave anything behind that you don't want to take, and you don't have to clean at all. Items that need to remain within the house include keys, remotes, built-in appliances, dishwater, stovetop and oven, ceiling fans, exterior lighting, and built-in interior lighting. You can take your fridge and washer/dryer with you.

21. What are the benefits of a local free move?


#1 - You don't need to have cash-on-hand to cover moving expenses. #2 - You don't have to spend time searching for the best movers at the best price, we do that for you. #3 - You don't have to jeopardize your health loading and unloading heavy items. #4 - Your moving time is significantly reduced so that you can focus on more important things.

22. Can you help me find a new place to live?


Yes, and we can even help you get financing for your new residence.

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23. Do you offer any other seller perks?


In addition to our free local move and leaseback perks, eligible sellers can receive a cash advance on the sale proceeds of their house up to $12,500 or 3% of the sale price.

24. How fast will I receive offers?


When you contact us, 1 of our central Texas managers will call or text you within 30 minutes. Within 2 hours of our chat, you'll receive free, no obligation initial offers. After visiting your home, your offers are guaranteed. In this short video learn more about our we buy homes process, from start to finish:

25. What types of homes will you not buy?


We do not buy raw land, prefabricated homes, mobile homes, and homes outside our service area. We do buy single-family houses that have a market value of less than $500,000 and 2-40 unit apartments.

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26. How do I know this isn’t a we buy homes scam?


Our about us page is devoted to helping sellers avoid scams, we have multiple articles that give away we buy houses secrets, and we're A+ BBB accredited. You can also call the number above and speak directly with 1 of our local central Texas managers, Phil or Will.

27. How many customers have you worked with?


We've purchased more than $20 million in real estate, we own more than 100 rental units, and we've worked with dozens of central Texas homeowners. See what past customers say about us in this short video:

28. How are you different from other we buy homes firms?


When we buy homes, homeowners get options for selling and several can be for more than even market value. Other firms provide low-ball cash offers only.

29. What makes you the best we buy homes company?


Our top-rated we buy homes firm is based locally in San Marcos, TX and was founded on sending Good Vibes Only into the world. When you contact us, you will get all the information you need to make the best decision for you, and we freely admit when our solutions are not your best choice. See who we are, where we're headed, and how we'll help you get where you want to go in this short video:

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