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1. Can GVH pay more than fair market value?


Yes, with our Sell for More, Sell Your Mortgage, and Rent Today, Sell Tomorrow solutions. Check out our calculator to estimate your cash offer net proceeds.

2. How do you determine offers for my home?


We consider the current state of the real estate market, the cost of repairs a traditional buyer is likely to request, and the sale price of homes recently sold in your neighborhood. View how we calculate offers.

3. What are the costs of selling to GVH?


Simply stated, $0 – you don’t pay any commissions or transaction fees and we pay for closing costs and repairs. This means you don’t have to come up with cash out-of-pocket to sell your home.

4. Are GVH offers negotiable?


If you feel we’ve missed something that affects your home’s offers – we want to know. Contact your personal closing assistant and we’ll be happy to re-evaluate your property. See how we calculate your offers.

5. How does selling to GVH compare to selling to companies like Opendoor?


Values found on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin, are determined by computer-generated algorithms. Those values are limited because they look at the market’s history; not where it’s going. Our offers are based on transparent analysis by local experts who take time to evaluate what makes your home special. View more about how we compare.

Home Visit

6. Does GVH look at my home in-person or virtually?


Either way, please let us know your preference. One of our acquisition specialists or a licensed GVH contractor will conduct your visit. After showing us your house, you’ll get your best offers, on-the-spot.

7. After looking at my house, what happens if it needs repairs?


You’ll have the following options:

  • Provide a repair credit. Due to our volume and reduced profit margin, you still get about 5% more than what another homebuyer can offer. This means no money out of pocket, or work done by you.
  • Make the repairs yourself. You can hire a licensed contractor and pay out-of-pocket for all the necessary repairs before closing. We’ll provide you with a repair list which must be city-permitted and performed by licensed contractors.
  • Decline to provide a repair credit or make repairs. GVH may then cancel the contract with no penalty to either party. Keep in mind, repairs will most likely have to be performed regardless of who buys your house.

Accepting an Offer

8. How do I accept an offer?


It’s super simple. You can: sign the purchase agreement in-person, electronically via DocuSign, or you can mail it to us. Once you and GVH sign, we are officially under contract.

9. What if I don’t know the date I would like to close?


That’s ok, just take your best guess. Later, we’ll send an addendum to adjust the closing date based on what you need.

10. Is there any obligation after I request offers?


Absolutely zero obligation, it’s 100% your decision, and we do NOT hassle or harass you.

11. Who is eligible for a home sale cash advance?


Everyone! Provided you have sufficient proceeds from your property sale. Learn more about our cash advance advantage.


12. How long does it take to close/sell to GVH?


With a clean property title, as little as 5 days. The average time is 10-14 days.

13. How do I get paid?


The title company handling the transaction will wire funds to your bank account. If closing occurs before 1 pm, you will receive funds the same day. If after 1 pm, funds will be delivered the next business day.

14. Can I change my closing date once under contract?


Yes, we can adjust your closing date at any point.

15. Can you help me find a new place to live?


Yes, we work with a team of realtors and property management companies. We’ll even help you get financing.

16. Can I stay in my home after I sell?


Yes! Take up to 7 days to pack plus a free local move, or use our move later solution to stay in your home up to 180 days.


17. How can I take advantage of your move later solution?


Let your personal closing assistant know and they’ll include an addendum with your sale agreement. You can stay up to 7 days for free. For move later solutions up to 180 days, you’ll lease your house from GVH at a discounted rate from market rent. You don’t have to worry about paying rent out-of-pocket either, it will be credited for the full term at closing. View details of your move later solutions.

18. What if I can’t move yet but I still want to sell now?


No problem at all. We’ll still buy your house, so you get the cash you need now. You can then take advantage of our move later solution.

19. Are there limits on my free local move?


Your new place must be within 60 miles of the home you're selling. Your moving expenses are covered up to $1,100. If exceeded, no problem, the difference will be credited to GVH at closing.

20. What needs to stay in my home when I move?


Any built-in appliances, keys, remotes, and any other items that are permanently affixed to the home (e.g., dishwasher, stove, ceiling fans, exterior lighting).

21. When I move, what can I leave behind and do I have to clean?


Leave anything you don’t want to take, and you don’t have to clean at all.


22. How fast will I receive my offers?


In just 2 hours you’ll receive multiple preliminary offers. After showing us your house virtually or in-person, you’ll get your best offers, on-the-spot.

23. Are there any types of homes GVH won’t purchase?

  • Homes outside our service area
  • Homes that are manufactured, prefabricated, or mobile.

24. If my home is listed with a realtor, can I still sell to GVH?


Yes, although you don’t need a realtor to sell your home to GVH. Simply have your agent submit an offers request, or submit your home with your agent’s information. We’ll take it from there.

About Good Vibes Homebuyers

25. How long has GVH been in business?


We started in 2018 and have averaged about 2 closings per month.

26. What makes GVH different?


Our goal is to empower you to achieve ultimate outcomes when selling your home. Our mission is a world where your real estate transaction is simple, certain, and satisfying. Additionally, we’re a local investment company that relies on personal connections and transparency, not on computerized algorithms.