Emerging Technology Helps Sell Your Home Fast!

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Emerging Technology Helps Sell Your Home Fast!

Emerging Technology Helps Sell Your Home Fast!

Sell House Fast Posted on March 3, 2020 Posted by Cassie Gonzales

Sell My House Online

Gone are the days of having to take out a classified in the newspaper listing your home or having to work with a commissioned realtor. Emerging advancements in technology have given homeowners the ability to sell a house online by listing property information in multiple places at one time. The opportunity to take and upload photos and information about your home to numerous social media and real estate friendly platforms within minutes has taken a lot of the stress out of a once lengthy process. Emerging technology now aids in helping to sell your home fast online. Even beginner tech users can utilize some of the market tools with ease.

Some of the emerging technologies that help to sell your home fast are common household names. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are just some of the social platforms that have shifted toward being real estate friendly. Posting your home for sale online where viewers are spending more and more time every day improves the potential for getting more eyes on your home. At FixerUpper4Cash we are familiar with and monitor these technology platforms to help with the rest of the fast home buying and selling process.

Emerging Online Technology

4 Emerging Technologies Disrupting the Traditional Real Estate Market

1. Data Collection: The leading real estate technology platforms like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com are known for collecting and utilizing big data to the advantage/benefit of home buyers. This attracts homeowners to initially turn to them when listing their house for sale. Analyzing this data creates views of the market on multiple levels. Front end trends can be established to help give tips on listing your home. Back end data can give information on how to help sell your home fast. In the coming years, artificial intelligence will utilize the data collected to show predictive trends in the market. FixerUpper4Cash has access to subscription-based market data that helps us determine the market area around your home.

Even if you're looking to sell with a realtor, we'll provide you with local market reports as well as make a quick cash offer on your home in central Texas. It's good to have options, contact us!

2. VR: Virtual reality is one of the booming aspects of the real estate market. Apps and online house selling sites make it easy to display the exterior and interior of your home with 360 degree views and aerial shots of your neighborhood. This emerging technology has changed the game from snapshots to giving someone the ability to take a virtual walk through your home. The ability to showcase your home this way has given homeowners the option to display their homes without having to use the phrase 'the pictures don't do it justice'.

3. Social Media Sharing: Outside of paying big bucks to list your home in the traditional marketplace, there are plenty of avenues to explore in social media to list your home. The emerging technology that helps sell your home fast boils down to sharing. Within social media platforms, there are community pages, social stories, and tagging keywords relevant to your neighborhood, city, or house selling topic. This helps target audiences and to get more eyes on your listing. Social media platforms have partnered with integrated apps and sites that help display information about your home without all the cosmetic necessities to keep your listing attractive.

4. Algorithms: Web algorithms exist for the purpose of matching custom searches with custom information. This emerging technology ensures that the viewers of your home listing are intentionally viewing its information. Online data analysis and recommended search items maximize the potential of personalized interactions with potential buyers. Understanding these algorithms can be overwhelming but gathering knowledge about this emerging tech giant can keep you ahead of the game. Most importantly it will keep you in front of intentional viewers - the ones who are looking to not just buy a house but one exactly like yours. Simple things like ensuring your listing has clear and concise information will help direct intentional viewers to you through algorithms.

FixerUpper4Cash utilizes and works alongside these technologies to view homes like yours. We are in the home-buying business and pay cash for houses from San Antonio all the way to Killeen. Ready to sell your home? The information on these emerging technologies can help sell your home fast.

Online Home Selling At a Glance

The real estate market will continue to expand and grow in the direction of technology-based buying/selling audiences. Keep an open mind and ear to market trends and other emerging technology. When you're ready to sell your home, you'll be faced with the big decision of listing your home through a realtor or for sale by owner and personally taking on the internet's trolls. Instead, you could sell hassle-free with a fast home buyer for cash.

While selling a house online proves to be a viable option in terms of getting your home listing in front of many viewers, there is still the legwork and hassle of filtering through potential buyers and multiple negotiations.

If you're looking for offers on your house now, FixerUpper4Cash is ready to buy ASAP! Call us and we will get you a cash offer in less than 2 hours. If you're unsure about the true value of your home or if you should put any rehab work into it before listing - Contact FixerUpper4Cash! Cut out the wait time between listing and closing. Find out what our cash offer for your home will be. All that's needed to get started is 10% of the information you would put in an online listing. And it takes just 1% of the time!

Simple. Certain. Sold.

Free closing costs. Free Local Move. Zero fees. Sell in 5 days. Sell and stay for 180 days. No equity? Still get $10,000 cash!

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