5 Reasons To Pick Good Vibes (Cash) Homebuyers

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5 Reasons To Pick Good Vibes (Cash) Homebuyers

There isn’t anything much better than having cold hard cash in-hand. But when it comes to selling your house to a cash homebuyer, this often isn’t true as not all-cash buyers are created equal. The unfortunate reality is that many cash only buyers promise sellers “the moon”, only to renegotiate or walk away from the deal all together later. Conversely, cash transactions that do actually close can mean that sellers are “leaving money on the table”. Considering these seemingly persistent outcomes, why would anyone choose to sell a home to a cash buyer like Good Vibes Homebuyers?

What’s in it for you

  1. The real reasons why cash investors have a bad reputation.
  2. What real deal all-cash homebuyers look like.
  3. Why other Texans have previously picked our cash buyers.  

There Are 100 Bad For Every 1 Good Cash buyer

Throughout Texas there are hundreds of businesses that claim to buy homes all-cash, but not all these businesses conduct business in the same way nor with the same amount of integrity. The sad fact is that there are way more dishonest than there are honest cash buying home companies which perpetuates the prevailing sentiment that cash buyers cannot be trusted. To ensure that you pick an honest, ethical, and good vibes cash for homes company, here are the 2 most common types of cash home buyers to watch out for:

The wholesaler cash buyer

To understand wholesaler cash homebuyers first requires that you understand how they differ from a flipper. Flippers are what you see on TV, a company that buys houses and actually rehabs and sells them. Wholesalers, conversely, get homeowners to sign sales contracts at a certain price to only then seek out a flipper or genuine all-cash house purchaser to buy the property for more than the contract price so that they can pocket the difference. Albeit rare, there are circumstances where wholesale cash house buyers provide sellers with a valuable service. More often, however, they have been known to mislead homeowners into believing that they are legit, good cash homebuyers despite their not actually having the cash nor intention of buying the home. The problem is that if they’re unable to flip the contract, wholesalers have no choice but to back out at the closing table, leaving sellers stranded and scrambling to find a new buyer while also “giving” actual cash homebuyers who are worthy of being picked a bad name. 

The highest bid buyer

This type of cash homebuyer is easy to pick because they make the highest offer. Initially! As closing day approaches, however, they try to renegotiate the purchase price due to “unforeseen repairs” or supposed changes in the real estate market. What was initially the highest offer usually turns into the lowest and worse yet, the highest bid cash buyer knows that sellers have little leverage because most will have already planned to buy and move to a new home. As a result, 1 of 2 outcomes typically occur: (1) sellers give in to the low price to keep from derailing their plans; (2) sellers stand their ground, and the highest price cash buyer walks away penalty free, leaving sellers stranded. To “keep the wool from being pulled over your eyes”, here are some key indicators of highest bid to lowest price buyers: (a) the offer price seems higher than you think your home is truly worth; (b) they can’t provide you a (recent) bank statement for an account that has more money than what they offered you; or (c) the contract has an inspection contingency which allows renegotiation after their inspection.

What Good Cash House Buyers Look Like

Finding quality companies who pay all-cash for houses in Texas is easier said than done. Once you begin to contact cash buyers, however, spotting bad from good becomes much easier because a good cash for house buyer emits a quality that is simply yet best described as – they give you good vibes. For instance, they’re courteous, professional, call when they say, show up on time, and have proof of their proven track record. Moreover, they don’t present sellers with assignable contracts, nor do they overpromise. Instead, a moral home cash buyer’s offer is often in the middle of the pack because they have the requisite experience to accurately calculate costs but more importantly, honoring their commitment to you is paramount.

If you want to pick the best cash for houses companies, look for these traits:

  1. Cash buyer proof of funds.
  2. Proof of having bought houses for cash in the past.
  3. Information about them is easily accessible on the internet.
  4. They have a quality website with educational information.
  5. Active social media accounts with recent posts.  
  6. Willingness to provide professional and past client references.
  7. Authentic positive reviews and testimonials.
  8. Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation.
  9. Willingness to supply a credit report and background check.
  10. They’re quick to admit that selling your home all-cash is not a good idea.

Top 5 Reasons For Selling Cash To Good Vibes Homebuyers

All-cash Good Vibes Homebuyers makes it easy and safe for Texans to pick our offer. To understand the reasons for this takes just a short call, text, or form submittal to experience for yourself how our cash homebuyers always work in good faith and send out Good Vibes only into the world. Our purpose is to guide homeowners down their best path to sell, even if that means not selling to us, and no matter the situation, we help fellow Texans get where they want to go. Self-endorsement aside, if you’re thinking that you might like to sell your central Texas home for cash, here are 5 reasons to pick Good Vibes Homebuyers that no others can match:

Cash buyers who pay your moving costs

Moving is never fun but it almost always is a costly and time-wasting commitment. Pick our Good Vibes home cash buyers, however, and sellers keep their cash and time for having a little fun because we pay for and plan your move! This means that homeowners have $0 out-of-pocket expenses, and they don’t have to risk their well-being loading and unloading heavy items.

Get a cash advance before selling

All of us could use a little extra cash but getting it often involves borrowing against and at the expense of our future. Realizing the perils of doing this, our homebuyers saw an opportunity and our cash advance perk was born to provide sellers with a free infusion of cash before even having sold their home! Eligible sellers can receive a free cash advance on their home’s sales proceeds up to $12,500 or 3% of the sale price – all without paying any fees, points, and interest.

Sell and stay 180-days

Timing the sale of 1 home with the purchase of another is complicated and is in fact 1 of the top reasons for traditional on-market deals falling through. However, 2 main reasons to choose a good cash house buyer offer is flexibility and certainty. Good Vibes Homebuyers can provide all clients with the ability to sell and stay in their home up to 180 days after closing. This “buys” sellers the time and supplies the financial resources needed to achieve their goals. 

All cash buyers do it, we just do it better

Every cash homebuyer “screams from the mountaintops” that they pay for all closing costs, and they charge no agent commissions. However, many conveniently omit the fact that they charge a “service fee” that can be as high as 10%. 1 reason to choose a cash sale to Good Vibes Homebuyers is that we charge $0 service fees, $0 realtor commissions, $0 closing fees, and you pay $0 for repairs. This means that our cash offer is for precisely the amount that you’ll receive at closing. Other reasons to pick central Texas’ best cash Good Vibes Homebuyers is that homeowners receive a free MLS comps report and a free rental analysis by simply requesting cash options. To ensure transparency, sellers also get an itemized breakdown of our expenses and profits and when a cash offer is chosen, it’s guaranteed to close because our optimized cash house buyers do not need bank approvals, appraisals, and surveys, and our contracts have 0 contingencies.

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Local home company that isn’t just a cash buyer

When it comes to companies that buy homes cash, homeowners have hundreds of choices, however, cash only deals are rarely a homeowner’s best option. The problem with this is that very, very few cash companies provide options to sell any other way. Good Vibes Homebuyers is 1 of the few who does. Texas homeowners get to pick between a cash offer and 3 other options for selling a home that regularly nets sellers more and still allows them to enjoy the convenience, benefits, and certainty of an all-cash for houses closing.

Questions About Picking Homebuyer Cash Offers

1. How does an all-cash sale work with Good Vibes Homebuyers?
In our recent article we explain how all-cash deals work, we supply criteria for helping you decide if it’s worth it, and we discuss the pros and cons of picking a Good Vibes Homebuyers cash deal. 

2. How does your sell and stay perk work?
In our recent article we detail how you can sell for cash and leaseback your home, the reasons, risks, and benefits of this perk, and the scenarios for where it makes sense.

Are Cash Buyers A Good Choice For Me?

Accepting an offer from a cash buyer could be the worst decision ever. But it could also be the best. The only way to know for sure is to contact the best cash Texas homebuyers for a free, no obligation, zero hassles consultation. With one simple click, call, or text you're guaranteed to speak with a real person and to see for yourself the reasons why so many Texans have already picked our local all-cash Good Vibes Homebuyers.

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Simple. Certain. Sold.

Free closing costs. Free Local Move. Zero fees. Sell in 5 days. Sell and stay for 180 days. No equity? Still get $10,000 cash!

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