Is Selling to Texas Property Investors Right For You?

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Is Selling to Texas Property Investors Right For You?

Even with a beautiful house and hot real estate market, central Texas homeowners might have to suffer through a complicated and long listing. For homes that aren’t move-in ready, the timeline to sell gets even longer and more complex. No matter your situation, there are scenarios when selling on the MLS won’t get homeowners their preferred outcome and that’s where Good Vibes Homebuyers step in. Selling Texas to property investors like us could be the perfect choice or the worst idea ever. But how do you decide which path is right for you?

Think through and answer the following questions to decide if selling your home to Texas property investors is the right move for you:

Time to sell a property Texas

• How fast are you needing to sell the house?
• Do you have time to endure a sales process that takes weeks or months to find a qualified buyer?
• Can you wait a couple months for the buyer to get approved to close with a bank?
• How much stress and hassle are you willing to deal with?

Facts: According to mortgage giant Ellie Mae, the average time to close and sell a house traditionally in Texas is 58 days (about 2 months).

Conclusion: Sellers who need a quick and stress-free closing, remember that central TX property investors Good Vibes Homebuyers can close a cash transaction in as little as 5 days. For homeowners who can’t afford their mortgage, we can close in 1 business day.

Effort needed when selling houses

• Is your house as-is in good enough shape to entice buyers or would they want you to upgrade its features or make repairs?
• Do you have time to work with multiple rehab contractors to find out who you can trust?
• Do you have the knowledge needed to manage a house rehab?
• Do you have the energy to live through a home renovation?
• Can you find the time to keep your house clean for open houses and spontaneous showings?

Facts: According to, homeowners must go through 12 steps to sell a home on the open market: (1) Make renovations and repairs, (2) find a listing agent, (3) research your home’s market value and set a price, (4) declutter and stage, (5) create your listing description with photos and videos, (6) hold home showings and open houses, (7) wait for offers, (8) negotiate on offers, (9) accept an offer, (10) wait through buyer bank approvals, home inspections, and make additional repairs required by the home inspector/buyer’s bank, (11) close the deal, and (12) move out and into your new home.

Conclusion: Just thinking about the time and effort needed to sell a home through a realtor is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Texas house buyer investors Good Vibes Homebuyers allows sellers to skip each step and sell your house as-is without having to give up your profit.

Logistics of your TX home sale

• Do you need to buy a new place to live before moving out of your current home?
• Will your new property have enough space for all your stuff?
• Do you have enough money set aside to cover your moving expenses?

Facts: Banks and mortgage companies require that buyers are given possession of the home at closing. This can put homeowners in a bind.

Conclusion: Selling to home investors who buy property in Texas, Good Vibes Homebuyers purchases homes as-is so you can leave anything behind, you can move up to 180-days after closing, and eligible sellers can receive a cash advance up to $12,500 to help with moving expenses and a down payment on your new place.

Profit from selling property

• Have you estimated how much profit would be left after paying all the expenses of selling the traditional way? Do you have enough equity?
• Have you done a net proceeds calculator comparison for selling on the market vs. selling to central Texas property buyers?
• Would you be willing to consider slightly less net profit in exchange for other advantages like a guaranteed sale, no hassles/banks, and the freedom to close and move on your schedule?

Facts: Hill country homeowners with move-in ready properties that sell through a real estate agent will typically get a higher sale price than what a Texas property investor can pay. For houses needing renovation and repair, expect a lower sale price and a long listing.

Conclusion: The sale price is not your net profit and after subtracting all the costs of a traditional sale, the option of selling to a Texas property investor becomes incredibly appealing. More so, real property investors Good Vibes Homebuyers delivers options to Texas homeowners that pay more than if you sold on the open market.

Guarantees during the property sales process

• Do you know and trust a real estate agent to deliver on what they say?
• Are you ok with option periods, and can you deal with buyers backing out of the contract penalty-free?
• Are you comfortable with buyers renegotiating the price after a home inspection?
• Can you deal with buyers extending the closing date?

Facts: Contracts in traditional property sales include an option period that allows buyers to perform due diligence to decide if they want to continue. If they opt not to, on-market buyers can get out of the contract penalty-free. Before loaning money, banks require that homes are professionally inspected and for any deficiencies to be corrected before closing. Alternatively, professional home inspections can reveal costly issues that give buyers leverage to renegotiate a lower price.

Conclusion: Trustworthy and honest investors Good Vibes Homebuyers don’t require professional home inspections, we don’t use bank financing, sellers can extend the closing date, not us, and our central TX homebuyers guarantee that the offer you accept will not change.

11 reasons Texans sell to investors

There are many circumstances that lead to Texans deciding to sell a property. The following list of reasons is by no means exhaustive, but our professional property investor firm often works with sellers in these situations. If any of this sounds familiar, there’s no risk in contacting Good Vibes Homebuyers to learn how we may be a good fit, and, if we’re not, we’ll let you know:

  1. Cost of living: With rising housing prices, property taxes, and the increased cost of living, many hill country homeowners work with our Texas property investment firm to monetize their equity and move to a more affordable residence.
  2. Death of loved one: No matter the situation, the death of a loved one is never pleasant and having to take over their financial obligations often influences Texans to sell a property fast to investors.
  3. Divorce: The separation of assets can be in the former couple’s best interest so as not to prolong economic and emotional entanglements.
  4. Downsizing: Our empty nester customers are often looking to cash out and just enjoy life with extra cash in their pocket.
  5. Financial hardship: Running up against financial constraints like losing a job or facing foreclosure requires TX property owners to look for a quick and resolute investor solution on their home.
  6. Healthcare: Although healthcare is universally expensive, its costs vary based on location and moving to a new area may be in your best financial interest. Texans who have decided that selling to our property investing company was the right move have also done so to move to a place that’s more capable of caring for their unique health condition.  
  7. Inheritance: Owning a property that you have no interest in or the financial means to keep can be a reason to sell to property investors in Texas.
  8. Landlord: Being a landlord can be wonderful, but it can also be dreadful with vacancies, property management fees, and costly work orders. Our property buyers will take your investment in Texas off your hands.
  9. Marriage: Where you both own a house and decide it’s time to move in together, it’s the perfect time to consider a quick and easy sale to property investors Texas. That’s where Good Vibes Homebuyers step in.
  10. Relocation: Sometimes customers need to move closer to a family member in need or have to move for your job. For these homeowners, our central TX investing firm’s ability to close quickly so that you don’t have to pay two mortgages is a huge draw.
  11. Retirement: Riding off into the sunset is well deserved and for house owners looking to monetize the equity in their home you need to look no further than Good Vibes Homebuyers. To make retirement even better, many of our Texas customers look to our owner finance solution because we can pay up to 140% of your home’s value plus, Texans get a large down payment, regular monthly payments, and a large lump sum in 3 to 7 years.

Explore selling to our property investors in central Texas

Selling your house to central TX property investors could be the best move for your unique situation. The surefire way to find out is to contact the investors at Good Vibes Homebuyers. You will receive zero risk, no obligation offers that will give you the knowledge to decide if a direct sale to Texas investors is right for you.

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