Eviction - A Landlord's View

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Eviction - A Landlord's View

Eviction - A Landlord's View

Time To Sell House Posted on April 8, 2020 Posted by Cassie Gonzales

Owning rental real estate in Texas provides the opportunity to have a great landlord/tenant relationship. However, there are times when the decision must be made to start the eviction process. FixerUpper4Cash has industry experience purchasing properties for cash as a result of evictions, delinquent rent payments, or landlords who are just tired of the hassles of having tenants. As an owner, the decision to evict tenants or to sell your rental can weigh heavily on what to do and when to do it. Establishing that your tenant can't pay rent either due to circumstances beyond their control or that they have no intention of paying their rent is the first step in choosing whether to file an eviction or not. In Texas, there are certain laws to follow that outline the eviction process for landlords.

Giving Proper Notice to Evict

Depending on whether the property is self-managed or in property management there may be a certain

amount of days before the notice of eviction is filed and enforced.
The eviction notice time by Texas law is 3 days before actually filing the eviction with the local court. This is advantageous to both you and your tenant because it gives 72 hours for the tenant to make the rent payment so that you both avoid the eviction process in Texas. This is not a period to encourage repeat offenses, however, as an owner it is important that landlords remain firm that all rents are due at the first of the month. If the tenant still hasn't come up with the payment after the three-day notice period, it's time to file an eviction with your local courts.

Eviction Court Costs & Filing Fees

After successfully delivering and filing an eviction be prepared for a potentially extensive process to remove a tenant. Landlords will carry the cost of court fees and filing fees and any other costs you regularly incur as a landlord throughout the duration of the eviction. The only thing that could prolong an eviction is if your tenant decides to fight the eviction. There are various reasons for a tenant to challenge an eviction with the most common being that the owner did not give proper notice before filing the eviction with the court. Be sure a proper notice has been given before filing - and then double-check that the eviction procedure was followed properly. During the eviction hearing, a landlord will be able to list any reasons in addition to delinquent rent as justification for evicting a tenant.

If your tenant is in fact a repeat offender on delinquent rent, presenting record of this at the hearing will serve a landlord's cause to evict a tenant in Texas. If you are unable to carry the costs of an eviction or have decided to sell your rental property, call us! We are standing by with a cash offer on your holdover tenant-occupied property. Let us handle the problems and get paid for it! Sell your rental fast today.

Relationship Status: It's Complicated

Once the judgement granting an eviction is attained, your tenant will have a date designated by the courts to vacate a rental property - NO MATTER WHAT. A writ of possession is granted by the courts no sooner than 6 days from the day you were granted the eviction. If your tenant is persistent in remaining in the property, they are then considered squatters.

While this puts a few extra days between your property being vacant, at this point in the eviction you can let the law handle this. In the event of a writ of possession, your local authorities will come and remove your tenant and all their belongings. A locksmith will commonly be present as well to change the locks and give you a new set of keys to the property.

After My Tenant is Evicted, What Should I Do?

Assessing the costs of any maintenance or damages after a tenant is evicted is another consideration of eviction in Texas. Once your tenant has vacated the property, this may give you as the landlord the opportunity to make upgrades or rehab parts of the property. You will need to consider adjusting the market rent on your home once it comes time to list the property for rent again. Having proper knowledge of rental rates near you will come in handy.
Exhausted at the thought of another tenant after all of this? We don't blame you. FixerUpper4Cash can help you avoid the uncertainties of tenant eviction with cash in hand for your property. Did we mention - there's no commission, fees, or obligation. Get your cash offers today!

An eviction from a landlord's view is almost never ideal, there are so many ways the eviction process can go. As a landlord, it is crucial to stay up to date on Texas law between landlord and tenant. With times changing day to day, the law may very well change with it. FixerUpper4Cash is ready to ease the pains of an eviction for you as a landlord. We want to offer you cash for your property in order to avoid the hassles of a long closing and having to deal with problem tenants. There is no obligation, no costly fees, and you can sell your property "as-is"! Just a pain-free cash offer for your rental property. Get rid of your headache tenants and give us a call today!

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