How To Know If You're Working With An Honest Investor

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How To Know If You're Working With An Honest Investor

Real estate transactions often involve a great deal of money, and as is everything in life, where there is money to be made, there are those who will lie, cheat, and steal in effort to take it from you. If you’re considering selling your property to a real estate investor, how do you know if the individual or company you’re dealing with is above-board? Is there a way to tell if you’re working with an honest homebuyer?

We have good news, and we have bad news. The bad news is that shady individuals and companies will continue to have little to no regard for the personal and financial devastation they leave behind. They aren’t going away. The good news is that there are tell-tell signs to look for to know if you’re working with a reputable and honest real estate investor.

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  1. Ways to tell if an investor is honest or shady
  2. Proof that you can trust Good Vibes Homebuyers


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Honest real estate investors disclose everything

The best real estate investment companies don’t hold anything back. They provide information that allows homeowners to make an informed decision and they openly discuss all home selling options, including those that don’t involve them. Information you should expect to receive include a copy of the sales contract, MLS comparable sales report, rental report, and a comparison that details what homeowners would make by listing their home on the market vs a direct home sale.

How you can tell that Good Vibes Homebuyers is transparent

Phil and Will at our highly trusted real estate company go one step further: homeowners will also receive financial information that details our expenses and profit should you opt for a direct home sale to us. Why is this a sign of an honest and transparent investment company? The answer is simple: homeowners can scrutinize our financial projections meaning that we cannot falsify our estimates.

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Trusted homebuyers provide proof of keeping promises

Another sign of a highly rated real estate investment company is one who makes guarantees and backs them up. Top rated homebuyers, for instance, will guarantee that the offer you accept will never change and that your deal will close by a certain date at no out of pocket cost to you. To prove that an investing company is honest and operating in good faith, homeowners should expect offers to be accompanied by non-refundable deposits and penalties for failing to close your deal.

How you know Good Vibes Homebuyers will follow-through

Highly rated real estate companies like Good Vibes Homebuyers will provide sellers with a copy of our most recent bank statement to prove that we have the funds necessary to close. Sellers will pay zero closing costs, there are no hidden fees, and we can close in as little as 5 days. Don’t take our word for it, reach out to the title companies we regularly use in Bell County and the Austin to San Antonio areas to verify our proven track record.

The bottom line is we guarantee that the offer you accept will never change. Others can’t promise you the same.