The Office to Home Workspace - A Seller's Advantage

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The Office to Home Workspace - A Seller's Advantage

The Office to Home Workspace - A Seller's Advantage

Time To Sell House Posted on May 7, 2020 Posted by Cassie Gonzales

With the news changing from day to day, the real estate market is experiencing a shift in desirable features.

Buyers are on the hunt for home amenities that you might not expect. Family home life has tilted from a routine work/school schedule to shared workspaces. Between at homeschooling and virtual meetings, the growing need to maximize space for office to home transitions has become a focal point for a homebuyer. If your home has the desired amenity of a built-in office or a designated office space, this could be a huge selling point.

FixerUpper4Cash is looking for houses that have these specific features. We can make an all-cash offer on your home with an office.

The Current Situation

The current pandemic has definitely driven the workforce towards the office to home workflow. However, previous to the outbreak a steady growing community of professionals were transitioning from the office to home workspaces anyways. The boom of work from home professionals began in 2004 with the rise of mega tech companies as well as e-commerce hitting retailers worldwide. Major advances in technology created a huge demand for a full-time office to home workforce. With numbers climbing upwards of 15million from 2004 to 2018 and increasing daily, homebuyers are searching for that perfect office space.

People all over are now fitting into adapted routines requiring a productive workday.

This, in turn, calls for just the right space to accommodate it. Even if your home doesn't have an official office space in the floor plan don't worry!  - If there is potential to transform a space you can still use it as a selling point. Areas in your home that offer things like lots of natural lighting, a closed-off area or a quiet atmosphere can land you immediate offers on your listing.

Creating a vision for a buyer can guarantee they see their future office in your house.

Walk them through a secluded corner of your home that normally gets little foot traffic.
This can be the perfect area to jazz up in your listing. Help them envision their new office to home workspace by painting an accent wall, adding floating shelves, or strategically placed artwork around a small desk.
If going through the listing process seems cumbersome call FixerUpper4Cash.

We are ready to offer prime dollar for these same areas in your house. Ask us about our full-service selling process where we help you with anything you need even after the closing table!

The Honest Truth

With home offices in high demand now is a better time than ever to consider all options available to you when selling your home. During this transition from the office to home life, folks are cutting back on other expenses putting them in a better position to search for their first house purchase or ready to sell starter homes and upgrade.

Truth is - the office to home transition is not going to die down anytime soon. With more companies embracing working remotely and adjusting to virtual business there will be an increase, if not a streamline of demand for these types of spaces on a buyer's wish list. Being on the seller's end of this real estate market trend will get you more $$ at the closing table. FixerUpper4Cash is ready to help you sell your house fast. Taking advantage of hot times to sell like this can mean the difference of hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pocket. Teaming up with FixerUpper4Cash is a guarantee that your house will sell quick!

A little creativity with your listing will go a long way in the sale of your house. Showcase the areas of your house that can call to this demand for the desirable office to home workspace. FixerUpper4cash is in search of homes with the amenity of a potential home workspace.

Contact us today to talk about your all-cash offer.

Simple. Certain. Sold.

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