How Much Will Cash Buyers Pay For My Texas Home?

You might expect that cash homebuyers in Texas provide low-ball offers only. This can be true, however, often over looked is the convenience, speed, and certainty of cash offers which, most notably, can often net homeowners the same profit as other sale methods. Texas cash buyers can even pay above market price depending on current market conditions, a home's features, and the all-cash buyer's investing strategy.


Home value starts with you

The price Texas cash buyers can pay for your house begins with you. Tell us about the features that make your home unique, and we'll use those details to give you a more accurate home valuation.

Cash buyers use comps

Like realtors, all-cash house buyers in Texas rely on comps to calculate home value. We look for homes with similar features that sold within your neighborhood during the last 3 months.

House location and size matters

Sellers can change many things about a house, they can even add to its size, but its location cannot be changed. Homes located near everyday conveniences and far from annoying uses can increase home value.

The market impacts home values

The housing market fluctuates based on supply and demand and when interest rates and inflation are low, demand is high and home values increase. When they're high, demand is low and home values decrease.

Cash buyers don't value these

All-cash Texas house buyers do not consider online home valuation tools. Online estimators are rarely, if ever, accurate as they use city, instead of neighborhood sales averages, and they can't assess home condition.

How Cash Buyers Calculate Home Value

How Much Do Cash Homebuyers Pay?

Every cash only homebuyer in Texas has 1 goal in common: making a profit. But not all pay the same cash price!

Cash wholesalers pay the lowest price

Cash wholesalers pay the lowest price

Wholesalers are not cash Texas homebuyers. They are instead middlemen who enter into contracts with sellers and then assign their purchase rights for a higher price to a real Texas all-cash buyer. How much will these supposed cash buyers pay? The lowest price! In a typical cash sale, 2 parties are looking to profit but with wholesalers, it's 3 parties: the seller, the buyer, and the wholesaler. What cash price wholesalers can pay is calculated as: after repair value - fixed overhead costs - repairs - whole sale fee - flipper profit = cash offer.

Home flippers pay a better price

No matter the location, condition, or situation, every flipper has fixed overhead costs that total about 20% of a home's market value after it's been rehabbed. When home flippers calculate what they can pay all-cash, this means that 20% is immediately subtracted. Similarly, home repair costs and the flippers profit are accounted for in their cash offer which is calculated as: after repair value - fixed overhead costs - repairs - profit = how much house flippers can pay all-cash.

Home flippers pay a better price
Rental home cash buyers pay the best price

Rental home cash buyers pay the best price

Rental home buyers can pay the highest and best cash price because over time, they know that home values will increase to offset their initial loss. Moreover, and unlike other types of liquid capital house buyers, a landlord's overhead costs total just 5-10% and they don't perform the expensive renovations that are required of homes to list on the MLS. How much Texas cash rental homebuyers can pay is a much simpler equation and is shown visually further down this page.

What type of Texas home cash buyer are we?

Good Vibes Homebuyers has been in business since 2019 and is a rental property cash buying company with more than 30 central Texas rentals. Our investing cash in houses business exists to guide sellers down their best path, even if that path does not involve us. The bottom line is: our bottom line aligns with homeowners and allows them to sell all-cash without having to choose between friendly service, convenience, and the highest price for their home.

What type of Texas home cash buyer are we?

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Within 30 minutes, our central Texas buyers cash for homes will contact you to learn the basics about your house and to discuss how much our cash investing company can pay.

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Within 2 hours, you'll receive a free, no obligation initial offer to sell your house for all-cash in central Texas. Eligible sellers receive extra options that can even be higher than market value!

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Choose the best cash offer to sell a Texas home. We'll then meet for a virtual or in-person tour of your house and will finalize your offers within 24 hours of visiting.

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Best Part of Selling a Home For Cash

Pick Your Perks

If the privilege is earned to buy your house in Texas with cash, we guarantee your offer will not change. Sellers also get to pick from perks like a free local move, a cash advance, and you can sell and stay in your home up to 6 months after closing.


What Would My Home's All Cash Offer Be?

Texas all-cash buyers who specialize in rental homes is a seller's best option because we can pay the most. If you're thinking about what my all cash offer might be, see how it's calculated.


Determine your home's after repair value

Our liquid cash buyers will evaluate the sale prices of homes that recently sold in your neighborhood, the current state of the housing market, the location of your house, and its size, age, and features.


Calculate market rate rent

The market rental rate of houses bought by cash buyers is a primary factor in calculating your cash offer. To determine rent, we do not use online estimators. Instead, our property management company generates an MLS derived rental comps report.


Multiply rent by 100

To determine the estimated maximum all cash offer for your home, landlord investors typically multiply the monthly rent rate by a factor of 100.


Determine repairs for a cash offer

We work with you to identify and evaluate repairs required to achieve the market monthly rent. These costs are deducted from the cash maximum price and allows homeowners to sell “as-is” without having to pay out-of-pocket for repairs.


My cash offer

This is your home’s estimated all cash price, and your offer could have a higher rental rate multiplier. Our house cash buyers in Texas also deliver other services that can pay more, even more than market value!

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