How Much Does It Cost To Sell A San Antonio Home?

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How Much Does It Cost To Sell A San Antonio Home?

You’ve decided it’s time for new places and new faces, but before heading out on your new adventure, you’re wondering how much does it cost to sell a home in San Antonio, TX?  You’ve heard how expensive it can be, but as the smart homeowner that you are, you’re going to figure out exactly how much selling your home will cost so that you know precisely how much money you’ll have left over to begin that new adventure.

To make sure that you can plan for your new adventure with financial certainty, we’re going to first analyze the most common costs that homeowners incur when they sell a San Antonio home, we’ll then provide an example of how to calculate closing costs, and finally we’ll provide tips for lowering the cost to sell an SATX home.

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What’s in it for you:

  1. Breakdown of common costs related to selling a home.
  2. The way you can estimate your own home selling costs.
  3. Options to lower expenses when you sell a house.

What Are The Costs Of Selling A Home In San Antonio?

According to personal finance expert Dave Ramsey, the cost to sell a home in San Antonio averages 15% of its sale price. Home-selling expenses are collectively known as closing costs and commonly include staging fees, home repair costs, realtor commissions, seller concessions, title fees, home overlap expenses, and moving costs. Fifteen percent may sound like a lot, and it is, but bear in mind that the cost to sell a house within San Antonio can vary based on your situation, and for a smart seller like you, there may be opportunities to skip or entirely eliminate certain home-seller expenses.

Here's what a typical San Antonio home-selling cost estimate might look like for a house that sells for $300,000:

→ Want an accurate estimate of how much selling would cost for you? Use this home sale calculator to estimate your sales costs and to see your estimated profit.

Home staging fees (0.25%)

Staging a home is all about creating a space in which prospective buyers can see themselves living – which often translates into a faster sale and for more money. The fee to stage a home in the Alamo City averages $671 but can be as little as $150 and as high as $1,500. Ultimately, your staging costs will depend on a variety of factors like home condition and how much of the staging prep work you do yourself. To help estimate your expenses for home staging, consider these common costs: hiring a staging consultant, hiring a cleaning service or renting cleaning equipment, renting furniture or a storage unit to store furniture, and applying a fresh coat of paint.

Home repair costs (3.2%)

According to Zillow’s 2022 housing trend report, 71% of all sellers made at least 1 home repair or improvement before they were able to sell. These home repairs were either discretionary or a requirement of the buyer (i.e., their mortgage company) after a professional home inspection. The cost of making home improvements or repairs to sell a home in San Antonio averages $9,645 but can be as low as $555 and as high as $46,000. If your house is just a year or two old, you can plan safely for very low home repair costs. However, if your home was built around the time of the Alamo, home repairs could wind up costing you an “arm and a leg”.


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Realtor commissions (6%)

Real estate agents bring sellers a ton of value – they help your home get more exposure, they supply sound advice, and they negotiate on your behalf. But you pay for it! Realtor commissions are one of the biggest costs of selling a house in San Antonio, with the standard fee averaging 6% of your home’s sale price (split evenly between your realtor and the buyer’s realtor).

The fee for a real estate agent may seem like a lot, and it is, however, if you’re thinking about listing your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO, see this FSBO how-to guide), you might think again! According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), homeowners who sold their homes through an agent sold for $120,000 more than homeowners who didn’t sell through a realtor. What a statistic! And while you may have heard stories about sellers saving money by selling without an agent, 99.9 out of 100 do not achieve such successful results, so take those success stories with a “grain of salt.”

Concession costs (2%)

Making concessions is all about getting the sale of a home to the finish line and according to a 2023 Redfin report, a record 44.2% of San Antonio sellers had to make 1 or more concessions during the last quarter of 2022. Concessions include credits and actual cash to cover buyer expenses for costs like mortgage-rate buydowns, making home repairs, home warranties, and title fees. On average, sellers in San Antonio make concessions that range from 1.5%-2.5% of a home’s sale price.

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Title company fees (2%)

Taking the title to a home is a person’s legal right to own and use that home. Title fees are the costs paid to a title company to review, adjust, and ultimately insure the title of that home. As part of the title process, all necessary paperwork for completing the sale will be prepared and an abstract of title will be performed to uncover any potential issues (e.g., liens and encumbrances) that must be resolved before the buyer can lawfully take title. Common costs associated with title company services include notary fees, attorney fees, recording fees, administrative fees, and home title insurance. In San Antonio, title company fees paid by sellers average 2% of the sale price.

Home overlap expenses (1.5%)

You may have found your next home, and it’s perfect, but you haven’t yet sold your current home. What do you do? If you’re like most folks, you buy it. But you’re now having to cover home overlap expenses which include paying the principal, interest, taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance for 2 properties and often for several months. You might instead need to temporarily store items at a rented storage facility or put a deposit on a transitional short-term rental. Depending on your unique situation, these costs can be avoided but presuming they can’t, home overlap expenses cost San Antonio sellers between 1% and 2% of the sold home’s sale price.

Home moving costs (0.6%)

Moving from 1 home to the next is never easy and even if you yourself do all the packing, transporting, and unpacking, it isn’t free. The cost to move homes in San Antonio, TX averages $1,703 but can be as little as $300 and as high as $4,600. Ultimately, your San Antonio home moving costs will depend on a variety of factors like distance between houses, the amount of stuff you have, and how much of the moving tasks you complete yourself. There are many ways to handle moving costs – borrow your best friend’s minivan and pay friends in pizza and beer or hire a full service professional moving team. No matter your choice, consider these costs when creating your moving budget: moving truck rental, fuel for moving truck, packing supplies, professional moving service, fragile/heavy item moving service, packing and unpacking services, storage unit rental, and the oft overlooked expense of moving in to a new home.

How Can I Determine The Cost To Sell My Home?

If you recall from the beginning of this article, Dave Ramsey, the personal finance guru estimates that the total cost of selling a home in San Antonio averages 15% of its sale price, which is in-line with the findings here (percentage in this article totals 15.5%). But after reading about the costs of closing on a home, which to reiterate, include staging fees, home repair costs, realtor commissions, seller concessions, title fees, home overlap expenses, and moving costs, you must figure out which expenses will and will not apply to you.

Once you decide, calculating the cost to sell your San Antonio house becomes pretty simple – you just multiply your home’s sale price by the percent you’ll be paying in closing fees. For example, if your home sells for $300,000 and you’ve decided that all closing costs noted herein will apply to you, your cost of selling in San Antonio would look like:

$300,000 x 15.5% = $46,500 closing costs

Instead, let’s say you’ve performed a minor miracle in timing the sale of your current home with the purchase of your next, you would then exclude home overlap expenses and your cost to sell your SATX house would look like:

$300,000 x 14.0% = $42,000 closing costs

Either way, that’s still a big chunk of change! What can you do to reduce the cost of selling a home within San Antonio?

How To Save On Home Sale Costs In San Antonio

Save on home closing costs in San Antonio? Nah! How about lowering them? Nope! What if you could instead pay $0 in closing costs? That sound more like it? Go ahead and put down the calculator because that’s exactly what Good Vibes Homebuyers delivers, and, without sellers sacrificing the sale price. You’re probably thinking this is too good to be true and there must be a catch. Well, it’s as good as it sounds and there is no catch.

You have $0 staging costs, $0 out-of-pocket repair costs, we aren’t realtors or iBuyers, so we don’t charge a commission or service fee, you make $0 concessions with the agreed upon price guaranteed to close at that price, and we pay 100% of title fees. Better yet, home overlap expenses are a thing of the past with our sell and stay perk which affords sellers the time and financial resources they need to find that dream home. To boot, sellers save even more with our free local move perk.

How can our investors help San Antonio sellers save so much and still make a profit? Our answer to this question is how you know that you can trust us, and in the savings, we say that we can deliver: if we buy your home all-cash, sellers still enjoy all the home sale savings mentioned here, however, we cannot pay market value. But don’t quit just yet because our home buyers are more than cash buyers – we offer multiple home selling solutions that will meet or even exceed your expectations. Still skeptical? Contact us today and we’ll prove it. Don’t wait because it’s time for you to thrive with Good Vibes Homebuyers!

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